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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
I find it hard to believe that people can't do prone, I assume that as you can't shoot laying down, then you must sleep sitting in a chair?

We have shooters in HFT who walk with two sticks around the course and have to use a wheel chair in normal day to day life, we also have a shooter with one leg who manages to get up and down.

I think its more the case that some people just want to shoot sitting.

I'm not at all sure how to follow Peter's slightly-less-than-benign contribution, except to say that for myself it is not a question of simply wanting to shoot sitting.

I have had several strokes, so getting myself down onto the floor to either sit or lie down is something of either a clumsy or comical exercise, depending on whether it is viewed from my perspective, or yours, as an onlooker. Reversing the process, to a vertical position, results in all manner of painful, or comical - depending again upon your perspective - contortions.
(for substantiation, ask some of my fellow club members from Sywell who have seen some of my laboured and puerile attempts to sit and stand up again)
Whether to lie, or to sit, is arguably going to result in equal amount of pain and discomfort. Because I have several imperfection in the area of my upper abdomen, which in either a sitting or lying position leave me in a lot of pain and gasping for breath. Lying on my front is an activity which I have been unable to engage in for the last nine years. Hence the question about sitting. the lesser of the two evils

And yes, your intuitive grasp of the situation leads you admirably to the truth.
I often do have to sleep in a chair.

Unlike my erstwhile preceding poster, I am not even slightly annoyed by your response.
I am however saddened, that an apparently intelligent man would so blithely and thoughtlessly open his mouth with the sole intention of, quite alarmingly, ramming both of his feet down his own throat.
One can only assume that your response was based primarily on thoughtlessness, rather than on gratuitous bad-manners.

I would love to be able to sit and lie down ~ and similarly return to the vertical, as effortlessly as you are obviously able to do. I don't envy you, but I can remember being that healthy.
There is a significant difference between being relatively inarticulate in terms of limb movement, and being in considerable pain coupled with being unable to breathe

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