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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
I think its more the case that some people just want to shoot sitting.
Dear Scutter,

I have thought long and hard of various ways to start this reply... but in the end, only one persevered. Here goes.

You, dear sir, have just made a remark that would usually be attributed to an idiot. And yes, I am very carefully not judging your person, but at the same time I ferociously disagree with, and profusely disapprove of, what you just said.

Think (yes, that is a process) of it this way.
If a disabled person goes to sleep, and gets up in the morning, how many times would this person have to stand up, from a lying position via a sitting position (on the edge of the bed) to a standing position?

Subtle hint: How does once every 24 effing hours sound to you?

I rest my case, your honour.

The above may sound somewhat harsh. In fact, I think it is somewhat harsh.
But I rest assured in knowing that Dave Monck, one of the BFTA founding members, who was seriously disabled during the last 8 years of his life, who had trouble enough getting out of bed once every 24 hours, and who had to take every shot standing due to the rules he vehemently defended himself, would've verbally flamed you into orbit and obliviion, would he have read the, let's face it, fairly stupid sentence that I quoted from your contribution.
To make sure that it would've really burnt you, he would have done so more eloquently than I can ever dream of hoping to be able to in what, for me, is a second language... his mastery of the English language has sent countless would-be Internet fire-breathing dragons back into wetting their diapers.

Which would mean that you, sir, would not have to worry about bad hair days anymore, for there would not be any hair left to be bad - it would've been scorched.

Which is harsh, I admit. But it is justified by the fact that you seem unable to grasp that getting up from a prone shooting position FIFTY EFFING TIMES IN A FEW HOURS is not even remotely comparable to getting out of bed once a day.

Yours truly,

Peter Huppertz, who only signs his posts with his full name when he is truly pee'd off.

edit: it you'd want to discuss this over a cuppa, I am in Rayne, Braintree on Sept 13, in the afternoon. PM me... the cuppa will be on me.
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