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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
At a guess - do the HP versions make a lot more noise to the point where ear protection would be needed? I.e. not just for the HP users but the other shooters in the group and near by lanes?

BFTA rules currently precludes the use of ear protection (which I think is wrong given the quality of current ear defenders where you can hold a normal conversation but don't end up with Steyr-tinitis) in order to prevent the use of ipods, hands free phones, etc. unless with the agreement of the Chief Marshall for medical reasons. So as to ensure that feeble whistles can still be heard. It i s still not uncommon for shooters to ask up and down the line "was that a whistle?" or "was that 2 whistles?"

Just something else to consider before the 2014 event.

As we are working under the WFTF comp rules we infill the blanks with our own domestic rules. It is customary to allow the option of hearing and eye protection on course. Yes the HP rifles can be very loud, so if you are paired with a naked Steyr shooter and prefer to have ear plugs, I think you should have them. I'll see what we can do from sponsors in the meantime. Thanks for raising this, very helpful feedback.

Originally Posted by Mr P View Post
World field target rules state maximum 3 targets per lane, and yes I know the course is being set for 2 different power standards
As Davey mentioned in his post, we consider that it fits within the intent of the rules to address 2x targets per lane. Even with 4x installed in a lane you won't be addressing 4x, and to be honest this is the only way to ensure efficient flow, reasonable duration, and comply with the WFTF rule for a contiguous 75 lane 3 course format (leapfrog) and also include the HP classes as permitted by our laws and the comprehensive rules. We also wanted to avoid complaints (whether valid or not) that have been raised about shooting the two energy levels on the same targets as raised on public forums taking on a life of their own before the event even begins. There are lots of crystal ball gazers who like to pick fault, yet probably won't even attend when push comes to shove...........

We think we have got the intent and the practical aspects right for this, and are happy to answer any queries from those seriously considering the trip downunder.
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