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World field target rules state maximum 3 targets per lane, and yes I know the course is being set for 2 different power standards
Hi All,

Long time no see, finally reset my password.

Fair point though, and we had thought of it.

Of the options considered to make two power limits work (and there were more than a few!), this seemed like the one that would cause the least issues from a shooter's and organiser's perspective.

I have already looked for clarification from WFTF on this as part of an email sent out earlier this year.

I'm not sure if this was discussed in Germany at the SGM as was not there to be a part of that discussion

I will send out a further email seeking an answer when I get home, however I do believe when you look at the purpose of the rule, which is, to my understanding, in place to allow for fast turnaround on lanes and not make the x+1 timing take too long, as long as you are only designated two targets to shoot, then it will not impede progress around the course above and beyond the norm. (As no shooter addresses more than 2 targets per lane)

I guess it is up to Andy and the RGBs to clarify amongst themselves the spirit and application of the rules.

In terms of getting confused between targets - In courses everywhere there are occasionally targets visible from other lanes. As long as the targets are clearly identified (via whatever method appropriate - colour/labels/numbers) I don't anticipate too many additional problems.
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