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Originally Posted by stillwater View Post
Hope I didn't ruin your day to much by taping the accused windicator up
Just to many people questioning it, for me to ignore it.
Not a jobs worth just a reluctant Marshall following the rules.
Not refering to you mate,marshalling at the best of times is a god forsaken job although I did appreciate the smile as you were levered into a manufactured situation,a pity they weren't prepared to discuss it with me instead of insinuating regular cheating.But when you don't have enough experience or skill, having a bad day the devil makes work for idle hands.If you say it enough it may excuse your poor showing.
I know I should be used to sniping by know nothings,that get a bee in their heads due to god knows what, and have to hide behind a marshal instead of finding out there is no problem except in their minds.If it wasn't hilarious it would be farcical.How the hell they can compare a short stiff pull cord with a hand full of dry leaves and say the leaves come second best as an indicator to something you cannot see in a firing position masked by scopes etc.Position wrong and not visible.
I've been shooting too long perhaps in FT and HFT for nearly30 odd years, sticking to the rules and loosing plenty of wins to those who didn't,I don't cheat and object to the suggestion that I do,and those who know me would refute the sniping over both days by what seems a small group that obviously don't.You gotto feel sad how far some will go to improve their chances or feel better or ruin others.
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