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Originally Posted by ZakFT View Post
The way I look at this Rob is putting myself in that position. I have spent 30 min at the zero range set all the rig up left the rifle on the zero range went for a slash came back to on the 55 yard board and out mega on the dials.

Question to you Rob taking simon out of the question, in the situation above what would of been the first thing that would of come to your mind had that happened to you??

P.s not being smart just leaning from all this.
If i was using a rig which had shifted before, like Si's had, I'd say heck, it's done it again. Exactly what mine did only in elevation on practice day. Now I could say that someone put my scope 5 MOA out, but I just went with it shifting again... and found the problem, scope not dialing correctly due to it running prematurely out of travel. It did this every time a certain range was dialled. Neil had the same problem only day 2... perhaps he dialled up just a little more one day on plinking range and the scope jumped... dunno. But he hasn't suggested someone knobbled him and the team with spanners.

Many put my springer and pcp woes to me going off the boil. But the pcp woes were due to a stripdown after a soaking at Wendover GP, where I put a pin in the wrong way around so it fell lose and dragged against the inside of the stock randomly, and leaving a shim out of the stock so that in heat, the stock pushed the cylinder up against the barrel. Ellis D and Mike spotted that one. Springer was a bolt coming loose, and a scope not tracking as above. There's probably a complete season of GP's where i've been enduring those problems in total, and with the PCP i was baffled, with the springer I knew it wasn't me. But having seen shifts, i'm not about to suggest someone got into my gun bag.

The walther issue put me bottom of kill at 40 yds randomly, the cylinder put me 30mm high at 50yds, the springer put me and inch high or low at 55yds. In SA I was out 1" left at 25 yds just when the gun got hot... I assume again this was cylinder being pushed by the stock and pushing barrel.

I was glad to go through days 1,2,3 in Germany albeit with a less than perfect set of numbers, but with growing confidence that my rig was stable. The scores I put in were all me. I'm looking forward to punching in a few scores with her while for the moment, touch wood, she's behaving, with the solid belief she should not misbehave anymore. But if I see a sudden jump or change, I won't be looking over my shoulder, i'll be looking at the rig and trying to work out what could be happening or at myself. It's only going to be one or the other. That i'm sure of.
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