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Default im with burty on this one

I was at the worlds and on the same zero range as Simon when this was brought up.

now I know simon is not a lover of the welsh boys and I don't know why but I find it hard to believe this has happened the zero range was congested all day but not that bat that some one can our I fell code do this with out being seen but saying that I for one was not looking for a saboteur but will do from now on

just a note and a remark I hearted all weekend if your going to have problems our things going wrong it will only happen at the worlds how many whet a turn out first time in years but it happens

having seen Simons temper after day 1 I have no doubt he believes this happened but my question is
why him
why now
and in front of 300 ft shooters

but if this has happened and the person is found the full wreath of WAFTA and the BFTA shall be enforced

rgds doz
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