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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
What 'situation'? Who were these witnesses? Who did they witness do it? If they allegedly let this alleged incident take place, lets have them out as well.

If anyone was ever to be caught doing such, they'd be black balled from every club and every national/international competition going. You'd have a hard time getting them in front of the beak in one piece and being at the front of the queue dragging them there.

If we're going to have accusations thrown about, lets have the witnesses' names. Then WAFTA can take it further, either to the BFTA and or WFTF. Lets have it all out so we can see what we actually have got.

But so far, we've got nothing...'rumours'... oh and a gun that played up a GP before, or was set wrong a GP before, despite being perfect the day before that, and was then fixed, then went wrong again displaying an obvious fault then corrected.
I totally agree with your first 3 paragraphs Rob and yes if this was a joke that went wrong then the person should come forward if not openly but the least discretely and apologise to the person affected.

Such behaviour should not be tolerated at all as it really gives the Sport a very bad name and for the future makes it very difficult to trust each other.

Regarding your last paragraph only Mr Evans can clarify that. It makes sense at the zero range people would of been sitting zeroing and going in a form of a chain reaction. But people on the zero range in such number and such Competition would be busy zeroing their guns rather than keeping an eye out for a rifle bag left on the line. It could also be that someone could of picked the bag to move over and the rifle fell out from the bag landing floating barrel first??? But then the clicks....??

As welshweeks said correctly if it had been zeroed spot on ready and on return clicks being out mega then that can only be done by hand.

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