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Originally Posted by welshweeks View Post
Lot's of unthinkable things happen every day. One thing I do know is Simon is a no-******** bloke who tells it as it is. He's not the type to cover his poor shots (which I've rarely seen) with naff excuses. Anything could be possible including a defective scope or sabotage. But it's bit strange that the rifle was zeroed and all good then after being left unattended something goes wrong....
Simon said that on the last GP he had scope problems, hence his score of 27. I know he can throw a wobbler now and then but that score isn't his doing. I asked him on practice day if he'd swapped the scope, and he had. Then he said that new scope wasn't tracking on that day. Someone where along the line he said he'd got that sorted, but that something had then happened again (day 1/2, can't remember?). Then he told me he'd seen the cylinder touching the stripper... thats not correct i'm sure. Gilly who has the same setup said there should be clear space between them. Seen that problem myself, sent my POI way off at Tondu. Removing the cap, and he's back on form day 3.

Why continue with this cloak and dagger nonsense about rumours and stuff and not mention all that?

Now does that suggest that possibly that there was an underlying issue not seen, or even the rig was damaged unattended, or not that but that in the midst of a packed plinking range, with most team members from all countries around constantly, someone took the risk of diving into his bag, fiddling with allen keys (which need to be imperial, although Si doesn't seem to be aware of that and suggests elsewhere he's not been using the right size), turning his turret, and then putting it back exactly as was, all without someone seeing, asking what someone was doing, and not stopping them, whilst taking the risk that at any moment Simon might return? I don't know where Simon left it, but most people seemed to have their rigs under their feet, yards at most from where they were standing, on a plinking range barely 20yds wide.

I'm not saying Simon is covering poor shots. He's a good shot, but good shots can be baffled by rig problems as much as anyone else. What I'm saying is that there's a hell of a lot more evidence pointing to that happening, than the zero evidence pointing to malicious behaviour, and I think he's losing a lot of respect from fellow shooters to suggest such, as well as casting a slur on them.
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