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Default Messing with people's kit

I find it absolutely incredible that anyone would fiddle with someone's kit..

I mean at any level at any competition whether it is a local fun shoot or world championships..!!!

I was at the worlds and on the same zero range as Simon when this was brought up.

It was also brought to my attention that it was felt that it was someone in Simons team, meaning the welsh lads...!!! This to be fair is uncalled for and a bit naughty as to the fact that I know of no one in Wales or any other country that would do such a thing.

I know on a previous post Simon said he was hoping to hear something in the back ground...? I have wondered what that has meant from when it was posted.

If there is a person responsible then I can honestly say they will not be welcome in our sport. I for one would not accept knowing a person who would do such a thing.

Mark Bassett
Team Wales 2013
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