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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Davey's just emailed me to confirm it's 28ft-lb...

The normal 12ft-lb limit for the world title still stands
At a guess - do the HP versions make a lot more noise to the point where ear protection would be needed? I.e. not just for the HP users but the other shooters in the group and near by lanes?

BFTA rules currently precludes the use of ear protection (which I think is wrong given the quality of current ear defenders where you can hold a normal conversation but don't end up with Steyr-tinitis) in order to prevent the use of ipods, hands free phones, etc. unless with the agreement of the Chief Marshall for medical reasons. So as to ensure that feeble whistles can still be heard. It i s still not uncommon for shooters to ask up and down the line "was that a whistle?" or "was that 2 whistles?"

Just something else to consider before the 2014 event.

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