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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Probably more to do with filler cap touching added stripper than anything else... no one I know would either do that, or allow someone else to start getting out allen key (which would have to be imperial for a leup to unlock a turret) and spend time fiddling with someone else's unattended rifle... it's unthinkable... Lets face it, we all have seen unknown problems which don't make sense, but to think it is someone else being malicious kind of casts a sad slur on fellow competitors to suggest such would happen.
Lot's of unthinkable things happen every day. One thing I do know is Simon is a no-******** bloke who tells it as it is. He's not the type to cover his poor shots (which I've rarely seen) with naff excuses. Anything could be possible including a defective scope or sabotage. But it's bit strange that the rifle was zeroed and all good then after being left unattended something goes wrong....
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