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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Ey up Dave

It says on the flyer that the cert is valid for 12 months - also says that on the NZ police website
Here -

also says that to obtain one you'll need to have a certificate to say you've had safety training, but I'd imagine that could be arranged with the EFTA/BFTA

Not sure about the rules for Dubai or Sydney if you're stopping off on the way though
Sydney I know will not let you proceed through the borders with the air rifle, but it is different if you are just in transit. It may be worth entrusting the rifle to the Police office to hold if you are stopping overnight or a couple of days in Sydney. Personally I wouldn't be happy leaving my rifle in anyone elses hands, even police in a foreign land, but perhaps customs or police at the airport can advise what they would be happy to do by way of babysitting to ensure a chain of custody so you do not take it into their country.

Just passing through in transit is no problem, as technically you are not entering their territory.

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