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Originally Posted by fireblade View Post

We are considering coming to the NZ Worlds, however it was mentioned by somebody that any firearms licence obtained would only be valid for the duration of the actual competition and not for the whole duration of say a 2-3 week stay??
A single week would not be enough to acclimatise or make economic sense of spending a lot of money just to shoot and not be able to make a holiday of it too (which is the only way for us to justify the outlay)

Dave and Paula Schofield
I don't know who told you that, but its utter bollocks.

A visitors FAL is applied for over the internet up to one year prior to the event, and is valid for that year. If you arrive at any time during that year it is valid throughout your visit. The FAL is not granted "for that event" alone, but is valid for your entire visit as long as it is within the 1 year time period.

A visitor FAL is applied for before registration can proceed. About 1 month will elapse while you are vetted by Police for criminal record, mental illness and the justification of the reason for brining in the rifle (official invite will be supplied to you). Once it is granted you can proceed with registering with us for attendance. It will be rubber stamped at the airport once a trifle of $25NZ is paid, and then it is valid for the entire stay.

During your stay you must obey the firearms legislation in force at the time. The main problem you will have to contend with will be secure storage. When you do not physically have it in your hands it must be securely stored in a gunsafe or compliant secure storage place that has been approved by Police. We will undertake to supply secure storage as part of the event, where you can check in your rifle in its case, and we will store it if your accommodation cannot supply secure storage. (a hotel/motel room is not secure storage) Our main sponsor is a Police approved firearms dealer located about 1 km from the venue and has bulk secure storage.

So there will be a large component of abiding by the laws while here, but be assured you can use it in any legal way you choose for the duration your stay.

Hope that helps dispel any misinformation being spread about.

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