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Default The Sequel

I was still too angry and disappointed yesterday to phone Daystate, or even want to look at the gun.
So I got on my bike - I've raced from 11yrs old until the day before I had the strokes, at 58 - and just rode yesterday, in the heat, and rode hard for over 100 miles. I felt better when I got back. More calm. The gun - Daystate - my failure to set the scope up - were no longer the dominating thoughts in my mind.

My neighbour came over in the evening, to see how I had got on with setting up the scope.
I explained what had happened. Took the gun out of it's case & switched it on. I took it into the back garden, knowing that there was still a pellet in the breech and said "look, this is what it does" - flicked the safety off and pulled the trigger, fully expecting no response. And both the safety and the trigger worked perfectly.
And the pellet embedded itself in the lawn.

So it looks as if the gun either has an inherent fault, and may not have required re-charging on the first occasion, or it is programmed, in some way, to 'lock-up at a given number of shots.

What it does mean is that I can now complete the T50 set-up process without sending the Mk3 back. Next week!!
Then I'll get on to Daystate and find out what is going on.

For each of those of you who made such kind and generous offers to lend me your gun, I can only say that I'm overwhelmed by your generosity.
Neil, offering me your Steyr with a Loop on it, would be like offering to lend your Ferrarri to a 17yr old Learner Driver. I would be terrified in case I damaged it. And as for shooting it. Well, I suspect that you'd probably have to send the Bailiffs round to get it back again. But, sincerely, thank you so much for the very magnanimous offer.

You're only young once - so it's best to make it last for the whole of your lifetime.
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