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All good Brian,

We intend to engage in positive constructive conversations all the way though this coming year rather than dump surprises at the last possible moment. It may seem like we are making up as we go along but is far from the case. Strategies are in place with back up contingencies, thing is, we cannot come straight out and say everything up front quite yet. What has been confirmed is, or can be announced now such as venue and dates, accommodation etc etc.

Final rules set will be a result of taking Comprehensive rules as top priority, legal requirements as second (where no conflict occurs), then local rules where no guidance is supplied by the former. We will ask experienced worlds competitors and RGB contacts for advice if we are unsure. We have four shooters involved in planning who have attended three different Worlds events to date so have a feel for what we all as shooters want at the match.

We understand the costs and time factors will preclude some from attending, which unfortunately is a fact of life, but something we ourselves experience a battle with EVERY year we wish to send someone from NZ.

Finally I would like to offer congrats for your placing in Ebern.
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