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Different faceplate colours will be employed. Course colours as we have seen in previous worlds matches, ie:coloured entirely red/yellow/white and to be sure of the difference, black with a colour stripe for all HP targets.

Also, as an example it may well be that within each lane the left two targets may be 12 ft/lbs targets and right two may be HP targets. Each target will be numbered, and also designated by its energy division. Markers will be very very close to targets.

As all shooters will be squadded to shoot concurrently, it would be in the best interests of the 12 ft/lbs shooters to observe and warn HP shooters if they suspect the wrong target is being aimed at. This would not be considered coaching or helping under our rules, but observing our legal requirement to "identify your target correctly", therefore part of our local rules/requirements. No squad members will be penalised for ensuring other squad members are observing the rules! If a wrong target is shot after all that vigilance by fellow squad members, a marshall may be called to inspect it (done immediately by the squad responsible, and if rewquired target replaced with a new one).
Part of our normal domestic tweaking of targets is ensuring they can handle a regular bashing at our traditional energy levels. We do this and have done for a long time, so know how to ensure the targets stand up to a beating let alone an occasional thwack at 28 ft/lbs. After 50 or more hits at that level will spoon thin faceplates, which we beat flat again and ensure realignment of the mechanism to keep reliability up to standard. We will be prepping over 300 targets for this match Specially reinforced targets will be used for the HP class to handle the number of competitors over the three days. 12 FT/LBS targets will not be reinforced but will be tuned to ensure positive hits register and false hits do not.


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