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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
From my understanding, the HP competition would be on separate targets to the 12 ft-lb competition.
Yes correct.

However all shooters will follow the normal 75 lane, leagfrog course design simultaneously.

All squad members will address 2x targets per lane, however HP shooters will address 2x targets in a lane designated for them rather than the 2x targets designated for 12 ft/lbs. There will be 4x targets laid out in each lane, but shooters will address only the 2x that correspond with their energy class. Simples.

Reinforced targets, many of which have been in use for some years at 28 ft/lbs will be employed for HP class, and new targets which will be modified to ensure they fall for 12 ft/lbs and not fall for false faceplate hits will be used for 12 ft/lbs class. Simples.

We don't expect UK/European FT shooters to understand why we are adding the classes, but it is part of a Pacific area tradition of using higher energy rifles that are predominantly sold and owned legally and have been for a long time, thus they are the broadest shooter base available to us to grow the sport. Some will stay with FT, some will not. Some may move into 12 ft/lbs competition as some of us have over the years, and some may move on to create or perpetuate a Pacific regional or World champs at this higher energy, much like the way Euro champs are now being planned as an alternative to travelling to our Worlds event.

It is important for us to state that we are committed to hosting the 2014 champs strictly under the WFTF Comprehenisive rules, and to honour the offer we made to host when other RGB's deferred. Local rules will apply where comprehensive rules are not definitive, but we will tailor shoot rules to be as familiar to customary rules familiar to all of you as practicable and legal.

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