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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Yellow Course was last for us in the Worlds.

Tales of super hard angles etc etc had filtered through so it was going to be tough?

No not really, least if you were slim or had a drop down leg thingy!

We had a nice easy start, think a 40m full and reducer at 20+ ish although we were on the uphill section of course. May have been another lane prior to a standing lane. knocked over the 25ml stander which was very short, i think under 15m. Not really with it though I made a bad semi-thaught out shot on the 20m full size kill, striking 12 edge. The sort of shot i would put money on hitting 100 ex 100, with rest breaks

When we walked down to lane one, it was flat or downhill shooting for about 12 lanes, i think. Have to say this side of yellow was the best of the lot. Some good long ones and I came out of kill twice.
Once through boardom on the long 53 yarder that Si Ayres shot out of sequence, though truth be told i could have stayed inside edge.
The only shot i had to come out of kill for was the long shot over the pond. Again i think i made it 47m String was bowed out and i gave about an inch out, 1st mil dot in centre of kill. Smaked into centre too, best shot of the worlds by far.
I somehow missed the short 12m stander that was quite a steep downhill shot. Cant say why, took 4 clics off, i even had the pistol grip resting on my belly due to the angle of the shot and was rock steady. Pellet struck 12 high. Think it was just a bad shot? It actually was the only shoit i took clicks off on all three courses too!
Missed the 20m 15ml at the end of the flat lanes. Not sure what happened, Went down the middle and split 9 edge. Could have been a gust of wind, but I think trigger control was part of it, perhaps not with it again lol
Once we switched to the uphill side of yellow I lost interest. With all chances of a top ten score being scuppered via day 1, the course was not there to be shot, just finished.
I must have taken 30 seconds on the steep uphill kneelers, just set 30m and shot both, the closer one quite blured but could not be...........!
Anyway, finished on a 42 but that means nothing. Yellow, like Red and Black was another 2-4 shot course.
Not sure what i thaught of the worlds this time. It seemed to me that a drop down leg / gadget was a big advantage for this comp. Nothing like you would need on a Uk course in general.
Ranges were far to short for me and too many mini kills. Though i liked the mini kneelers and standers, I tried introducing them to Bfta last year!
The uphill stuff for me has little to do with Ft. I could have put up with say 5 lanes of them on each course, more than that seemed a waste to me as hardly any of them seemed that long. There seemed to be lots of scope for some nice lng hard shots on the other flater side of each course that were missed. Still, thats what it was and I am sure some thaught it a great worlds course.
I think all three courses could have been easilt spread over red and black, thus keeping everyone on a big lap. More toilets should have been provided too, just one on each course. The times i saw shooter walking over the (invisable) shooting line for a pee on the course while shooting was under way was far too many, one chap i saw was about 5m infront of the line behind a tree lol

A prank with consequences?

Its unlikley I will establish the full cuase of what happened to my scope / settings. However, several conversations with chaps whose under standings of the scope and guns working has lead me to the conclusion, that when the scope windage was dialed out by as much as two turns, to produce a 5+ inch shot right at 9m, then i was unfortunate in what happened next.
Although i managaed to re-zero, it seems the cross hair may have become stuck due to the pressues placed on the workings. Thus i over dialed it at 9m to go back shooting straight on the Thursday.
Apparently it is not unknown though (especially on the mk4) where a scope cross hair / workings can become stuck. Apparently I am told its why you see some shooters tapping the top of the elevation turret each time its turned?
Anyway, seems that my windage decided half way through day one was the time to un-stick itself.
So all my hard work on the re-zero range was sudenly 16 clicks out again. Just a consequence of Thursday
that lead to bad luck for me, in that it did not do it on the zero range or at the end of the day 1's course. Of course, if the "prank" had not taken place, i would have had no problem.

At least, with the copy of the German Zero range target paper i braught home and some experimenting at Cam Ft today we established that the Gun is mega and shooting straight, though for now I have had to switch back to the AA Filler cap.


Worlds over and not fussed on anti aircraft shooting anymore, we changed the Gp practice course back round today to a propper ft course. Long, hard and wind a factor.
Acid Hands, Mr.Sheem myelf and Arms dealer made a late effort and attacked with the wind, in that it was R - l and thats the direction we shoot! I think with the winter change coming when the wind switches to L - R it will be a tough 20 shots.
As it was it was about right tonight.
I missed the long 48m T2, that is one hard shot to nail once, let along three in a row! I also missed T19, 43m as i took it in near darkeness (Acid hands taking all night to shoot) and kneeling. Pulled 3 edge!
Arms dealer dropped 5, some through not concentraiting or dialing lol
Mr.Shen put in a Pb of 8, this on the new harder course so good improvement there.
Acid dropped 7 including double dinking the kneelers. Must show him the Newbury Double dink dance lol

Excellent nights shooting

I am even over my Airport near death experience, though any further trips abroad may well see me take the boat and drive.

Somewhat hung over Monday morning I packed up to leave the Hotel. Only thing i left was half a bag of beans, thank you once again Mr.S for bringing them over to Germany. I owe you a round or two.
Anyway, beans and what i thaught were an empty greeting Envelope failed to make it onto our Tank for the trip to the airport.
We got to the airport in plenty of time despite visiting severa ghost towns! Easy Jet would not sort us out however.
So we waited until 7.20pm doors opening then they pulled us from front of que and said fill in these forms. Something we could have done hours ealier!
While filling in forms the Polizi arrived. Gilly and Acid handed over all the forms.
I was a couple of forms short it seemed, but what the heck we are on the way home and after the disapointing episode of Thursday I could not wait to get on the Plane.
I dont have my yellow Form i told the police officer, i must have left it in the hotel?
Its not possible for your gun to leave the country with out passport he said.
no no, i say, I have my passport just if you need to see the seriel number i will have to take the gun out of the case.
No he says, the yellow form (import) is also you guns export form. Gu passport1
With out it your gun is not leaving germany! He was serious. at which point i went stone cold, heart increased to about 150 and panic flew from head to foot. Now I never panic. i cant ever rember panaicing like this in my 45 years.
However, as i stared down at the gun in the case all sorts of panic thaught went through the remining brain cells that had not paniced and left as i looked at 2500+ not coming home.
Search you case he says.
So, pants, shirts, hats towels and anything else i had in my case started flying through the air at some speed in a desperate but futile attempt to find a form I was convinced I had left in the Hotel.
At this point Gilly, just about holding in the laughter was wishing he had a Video camera.

Attention changed to the Gun case. Gun out, waving about as all foam was ejected from the case. Nope, not a scrap of paper. Its not going home.

Acid, fair play is now explaining we were checked in just a few days prior and there must be a record of the import, which apparently was an export liecense too, on Police files. One of the officers stated phoning round to try and help.
I am now thinking of taking the action out, claiming that the gun is the action and all other parts are seperate.
Dont think that would have worked. Walking home came to mind, Storm case has wheels lol
Police officer says, try you hand luggage one more time. Pointless, I have emptied it. Still, do as your told by a man with a real gun i thinks, he is trying to help.
I shoved my hand deep into the "secret" pocket and pulled out a white invite sheet, bugger, wrong one.
However, the yellow one is on the back of it.
Shaking with relief, i packed away my smalls and got everything back together. Sent the Storm case on its way and checked out. Even the ploice were laughing at me by the end of it.
I think it may have been one of the highlights of gillys trip, I am just glad fisher was not there to whitness my near demise!

I thank you.
It pays to be wot a shame I wasn't there to witness that, as for your scope being twiddled with....if your telling the truth...that's not funny....a punch in the face offence for me still places left for the euros, im sure you could pick tickets up at the gate??????
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