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Default registered keepers

Originally Posted by The Dictator View Post
i think theres always two sides to any story and its probably a little unfair to blame the bailiffs as theyre only doing what they believe to be the correct thing.

my advice would be to pay up and treat it as a lesson learnt.

a lot of letters would have been sent to you with increasing costs which you have possibly chosen to ignore before it got to a point that your car was taken.

so in respect of that they are presuming that youve made the choice to refuse to pay and so have found it necessary to remove your goods.

with regards to you registering the car that youve borrowed in your name for insurance purposes i think youll find that this is fraud and so wouldnt tell any of the authorities concerned as they may well be duty bound to report you to your insurance company who will revoke your policy and issue the appropriate refund. this will of course lead to another fine and the inability to get insurance in the future.

as for the car tax, if your dad has cancer he can probably become registered as disabled and subject to you putting the vehicle back into the correct owners name qualify for free tax and parking.
hope this helps.
complete rubbish, the registered keeper may not be the owner of any vehicle, only the person responsible for the day to day use of it and the person responsible for the running of it
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