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Default Gaystate ?

Originally Posted by Strokebloke View Post
You do realize, Phil, that if I buy a Pro Target you will win no more competitions, don't you ??
You may just wish to consider the implications of that for a while.

I take it you were either holding the Anshutz or the Mk3 ?? Correct ?
I have the honour of piloting a 2002 shutz in the comp . we at the time were winding up the gaystate boys because the wiring on the state wsa smouldering and smoking when wet . old dave baines ( rest his soul ) the factory shooting man and a damm good bloke said noway hosay and challenged all the **** takers to a comp at the last GP of the year .harriers i think . which has a damm great pond at the back of it . there were suppossed to be competitors from all the major makes .BUT only me and bainsee shot it . the idea was to throw buckets of water over us and the gun as we shot . well the rotten gits got hold of some dustbins and proceeded to fill em from the pond ( the water stunk ) not satisfied with just throwing em . no they took a run up with . the impact nearly took my head off . anyway as said the battery on the gaystate packed up and the shutz was still shooting , nearly drowned , but shutz honor was saved .??? HOLLY

PS i have not forgotten you stu hancocks
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