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Originally Posted by Splund View Post
I have just bought an EV2 but the trigger feels a little wierd.
All looks OK but if anyone has a decent picture of what the EV2
trigger mech looks like that would be great.
Just a shot of the trigger block with the side plate removed.
The main problem I have is the black cocking arm, top left, dosent
seem to have a return spring. When the gun is cocked and the lever
is pushed forward so the probe enters the barrel, the black cocking remains
in the rear position, resting against the hammer.
This causes inconsistent low powered shots. Is there supposed to be
a return spring?
I realise the brass spacer washer is not fitted on the arm
You need part number RN295-cocking plate spring and RN282- cocking plate outer spacer, looking at the cocking plate I would get a new one, RN275FT-cocking plate...hope this helps
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