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Default ******* Bailiffs!!!!

Not Airgun related I know........

Evening all, been what I would describe as 'turned over' by a Bailiff today.


In March of this year I was caught not wearing a seat belt and fined. Just a few days after the incident I broke my leg and knee and spent some time in Hospital and some at our Maudes in Bed getting over it, leaving my eldest son and daughter at home. 28 and 24 respectively.

Completely forgot all about the fine.

This morning, I wasn't home, a Bailiff attended and stuck a clamp on the car and a letter through the door giving notice that the vehicle had been Levied and seized and unless payment of 390 was made within 6 days it would be sold. A further 200 to be added if the car was towed away and 20 per day storage.
At this point I knew nothing about this.
Around 1300 my lad returned from golf and called me saying the car was on a truck and being driven away, he went in the house and found the old letter and a new one stating the car had been removed.

Now, about the car. The vehicle isn't mine, it's My Dads. He bought it last year but now due to his cancer is unable to drive it. The car was passed to me and I was registered as the keeper for insurance and car tax purposes, but my Dad insisted the car was still his and was to be given back to him as soon as he was well enough to drive again. The main purpose of the car was to take dad to and from hospital. My car was parked up and I used his.

I contacted the Bailiff and explained that the car ain't mine, that we have documents to show its my Dads, a receipt from the garage and a copy of his bank statement showing payment for the car. Bailiff replied with 'I don't care'. I explained again and he replied ' we have your car, pay up or lose it'.

Now the Bailiff has taken. 7000 car to cover a 390 debt, ridiculous. The log book states that it is not proof of ownership, yet by contacting DVLA Swansea and finding that I was the registered keeper it's good enough to seize the car and remove it.

Tonight I have had to tell my Dad that his car has been taken and it has made him Ill, I am very worried for his well being as he is 80 and very very poorly.

The Bailiff a Mr Daly, and his Company Marstons are a bunch of female genetalia. Neither the Bailiff or Marstons can be spoken to, they just say pay up and hang up.

Radium treatment for my Dad Friday and no car to take him, as mine is out of MOT etc and will take a few days to put back on the road, and the Bailiffs have Dads.

Does anyone have any assistance to offer as to how to get the car back without paying the money, and how to proceed with a complaints procedure?

The money will be paid, I want fair justice is all.

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