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The Pro Target is noticeably lighter than my FrankenRifle.
The EV2 that I held a couple weeks ago is noticeably lighter than my FrankenRifle. The EV2 weighs 3800 grams or thereabouts. I don't know what a Pro Target weighs.

I like my guns on the heavy side... all that mass is easier to hold still when shooting standing. And no, I am not particularly strong or beefy. I also don't shoot very well standing, so I need all the help I can get
The Filthy Pig: Air Arms 100 (1990) + AA Olympic trigger + Welham reg + Custom Shop CS1000 stock. Status: leaking.
The Unknown Quantity: AA EV2 Mk4. + BSA Platinum 10-50x60 + Jon Harris wheel. Status: sorted up to 25 yds.
The Limping Dog: Air Arms Shamal (1989) + unknown origin sporter stock + Optisan Cobra 3-9x42. Status: slowly leaking; needs work.
The Ox: HW97k + Venom Lazaglide. Status: working just fine; needs scope.
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