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Angry A Tale of Woe

You may remember that during the period that I purchased my Falcon T50 scope, my Mk3 had been returned to the manufacturer for new batteries and a full service.
I was quoted a ‘fixed price’ of 184. Thinking this somewhat extortionate for a pair of batteries, purchasable at my local Maplin store for 14 each, I looked around at others who could do the work for me. The outcome was that the price I had been quoted seemed consistent, to within 20. So I thought – I’ll send it back to the manufacturers, who assured me that for my 184 it would be returned to me as, ‘effectively a new gun’. They also advised me that, according to their record, the gun had not be serviced in 9 years since new. So, I considered the expenditure reasonable - subject to the gun being returned 'as new'.
This I duly did, at a cost of 12+ for Postage (Parcel Force) For a 3+ Kilo parcel, I thought that reasonable. 3 weeks later I had heard nothing from the manufacturer, so phoned them. ‘Oh, we haven’t looked at it yet.’ was the reply to my enquiry as to its progress. ‘Er – so, when are you going ….. etc ?
‘We’ll start on it on Monday sir. It should be ready at the end of the week.’
On the following Friday I received a call on my mobile, requesting my credit card details to pay for the work. 212+. ‘Er – I was quoted 184.’ ‘Yes, but that didn’t include VAT, P&P etc.
I wanted the gun back. Desperately. I had a scope with no gun to put it on. I paid up.
The following Wednesday the gun arrived back.
With 230bar pressure in the air cylinder. Which I thought a bit iffy for a courier delivery (TNT) Perhaps not.
I assembled the gun and carefully mounted my new scope.
On Friday last week, I went to my friend (he with the 40yd indoor range) to set up my scope and rangefind.
After little more than 130 pellets, and having accomplished the given task to the tune of only 36yds, the gun perpetually buzzed at me and the trigger refused to function. One moment all was well. The next, nothing.
I remembered that this was exactly what had happened when the gun first packed up. And they said ‘new batteries.’ So I came to the conclusion that having fitted new batteries, (though visually, it looked to me as if only one was new) they had only charged them sufficient to test the functionality of the gun.
Silly me. The thought that I needed to fully re-charge the new batteries had never crossed my mind.
So, on Friday evening I put the batteries on charge.
On Saturday I did some short range checking in the garden, and all appeared well.
Yesterday evening, Monday, I went to the indoor range to primarily Zero it at 25yds. All good.
Today, Wednesday – exactly one week after I received the gun back – I went to Sywell outdoor 50/100yd rifle range to once again rangefind, Zero at 30yds, and work out the clicks required on the turret for 8 – 55yds. It has been a beautiful day with little wind. This time I got to 42yds, before the gun incessantly buzzed at me and became inoperable. Again.
Another whole day wasted. And obviously not a recharge problem. So possibly last Friday wasn’t a recharge problem either.

I estimate, from the remaining contents of the tin of Exacts, that no more that 300 - 350 pellets have gone through the gun since it was returned to me.

I will Email the Service Dept, following a telephone call to Reception first; when the Red Mist has dissipated a little, and I am returned to a sociable level of anger, and I can perceive the world rationally again.

If anyone wants to buy a very good FT fully adjustable walnut stock with hamster for a Mk3 please contact me. If you can’t get hold of me it will be because I’m out looking at a Steyr or a Mk4 EV2. A FT 900 even. A Walther or an Anzutsch.
Anything. I just want a reliable gun for the Winter League. One that shoots pellets, and knocks targets over, - a la John Costello/Simon Ayres.
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