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Default Always the Bridesmaid..??

Honestly Simon, some people will do ANYTHING to keep up (or in your case should it be down, a reputation!)

It's SO tough at the top; usually with 1 or 2 targets out of 150 covering the top 5 or more shooters! Not usually a religious man I remember saying a little prayer on day 2 back in 2004, calling on divine intervention to get me across the line, as the thing was just so dam hard and I doubted that if I didn't win it then, whether I would ever be able to - thank God it worked for me that time! Also, I'm personally grateful you trumped my error of going a turn out at least once each day :-/

The point is all you can do is put yourself in the position and then trust to luck or a higher power for the rest. If it was all about form for example, then Calps would've walked it this year. Either you or John would've been worthy champions and you are both brilliant adverts for our sport and personalities that the sponsors can get behind.

You are a great shooter mate and for my money one of the most naturally gifted in the game; your time will come bud. Besides John hasn't got a wife, mortgage or two kids yet! Let's see where he is in 10 years time!
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