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Default True gent and a good friend...


You know I like to have a laugh wind you up etc etc..

This is what gets me around a course as you know as we spent 3 days along side each other in our lanes...

Your a what I class as a good friend and you shot out of your skin throughout the wolds...

We discussed about me having a break from the sport for my own reasons and as you said having a break makes you really hungry at shoots that you attend.

Don't let what happened on that last lane beat you up and have a little break and get back to your mind set that you've always had...

I could see how hard you were trying for the last 6-8 lanes on Sunday bud and that's why I didn't come over and wind you up etc... Maybe I should have now as it seemed to calm you down a bit on each lane.. Remember those new SPECIAL trousers you want to buy mind hahaaaa

Keep in touch as well over the winter bud...

Hopefully catch you at Newbury and share a beer on the Saturday night.....

Mark Bassett
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