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Because I am insatiably curious for information for which there is no apparent use. I am a guy who would use (and actually has used) his lab scale to determine the average weight of a housefly.
Turns out this was a fairly useless excercise, because it turns out that the average adult housefly weighs APPROXIMATELY three times the error margin of my lab scale: the margin of error is specified at 0.004 grams, and if I remember correctly, the average number I came up with from a batch of 17 dead houseflies is 0.014 grams.

Was the fly dead?
Had he just eaten,had he just extracted a finer roasted coffee bean.
If he was dead did you check he still had all his leg's and wing's.
Just thinking outloud

Now go shooting and don't worry about the pellet's o: oo o: oo
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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