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Originally Posted by peterh View Post
Hey! I may be ignorant, but I had this much figured out!

However. Yes, there is always a however with me... I do not always have access to a range where I can shoot under windless circumstances AND with sufficient light (read: no, I do not often have access to an indoor 50m range). It would be nice to be able to not even try a batch if there is a large weight variation.

If I would only know what you guys consider a weight variation that is acceptable.
I don't have access to a windless range either. Most FT courses have wind - so that is how I test. I am not worried about a horizontal spread. I am looking for high / low shots in the groups. Those are a no-no and will make me drop that batch from the selection. If the group opens up horizontally then I should be switched on enough to see the change in wind strength as I pull the trigger and understand that the group has opened up due to the wind.

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