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Originally Posted by cocksure View Post
Whilst at a pretty good HFT shoot recently I overheard two members arguing this point, guy says "You don't have nominated prone lanes in HFT", the other guy says "Of course you do otherwise nobody would do prone would they.You don't nominate prone support if the peg IS the support because obviously you have to use the peg." Who was right? So over to you at 'the Breeze....
There is no "prone support" shots as such in either ukahft or NEFTA hunter rules, other rules may but i'm not aware. The standard none designated positional shot is taken prone & all of these have a peg of somesort, although the shot can be designed to make the shooter come off the peg to shot but they must still touch the peg with either the rifle of there body.

in UK's you have prone only, supported shots are 2 kneelers or standers & 2 standers. NEFTA hunter have no prone only but do have the 4 supported shots like UK's
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