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Originally Posted by cocksure View Post
Whilst at a pretty good HFT shoot recently I overheard two members arguing this point, guy says "You don't have nominated prone lanes in HFT", the other guy says "Of course you do otherwise nobody would do prone would they.You don't nominate prone support if the peg IS the support because obviously you have to use the peg." Who was right? So over to you at 'the Breeze....
Not sure I 100% understand your post.

If it helps -

in a 30 shot UKAHFT comp there must be;

  • 3 x Prone ONLY shots
  • 1 x un-supported Standing shot
  • 1 x un-supported Kneeling shot
  • 2 x supported Standing shots
  • 2 x supported Kneeling shots
This leaves 21 lanes, which can be taken kneeling, standing or prone (the peg must be touched by some part of the body/rifle as the shot is taken) - and the majority of shooters obviously opt to take prone, as its more stable, especially when able to use the peg as a support.

If it was UKSARC comp then thats a different kettle of fish (my understanding is that in a SARC comp, the shot may be taken standing, kneeling or prone from anywhere within a designated area marked with pegs).


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