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What I read here tells me one thing:

Stop Worrying, Just Learn To Shoot, You Moron.

When seated, I can, without any noticeable discomfort, get into a position that aims at a target between -15 degrees and +15 degrees, and -30 to +35 doesn't really feel uncomfortable too.
Aiming level feels like it comes naturally. Also, when I check my spirit level, and then put my cheeck to the cheek piece, I can pretty much work out whether the rifle is level.

When standing, the tolerances are narrower, but that was to be expected.

It probably helps that I do not have to work around a lot of belly. It *may* also help that, what with me having been raised on a spring gun diet, I shoot in the overarm position. In this position, it is merely a matter of playing with knee height to find your aimpoint.

I will therefore stop worrying, and concentrate on re-learning to shoot.

Thanks all for your help - it really worked.
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