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Firstly theres no standard for a dovetailed rail like it or not ie one manufacturer has three different dovetails on same gun all supposedly 11mm, make to fit them they will drop straight over some rifles dovetails. Most of whats available including mounts are a general sloppy fit which will literally collapse wont grab because the angles change or pull a fast one and pin through top dovetail. Looking 0.02mm off each side and will become sloppy.

Main advantage is to beef up the action though EV2 not required where a more natural height can be obtained. Two different dovetails on EV2 Mark 1&2 and 3&4.
Amount of clicks is negligible from direct on breach block to say a 1" high is around 2 to 3 clicks gained at expense of moving zero further out whereby you would have dialled those 2 clicks.

To add to that every scope manufacturer requires a different amount of tilt assuming barrels parallel, some quite remarkable.

Picatinny is an MOD 1913 spec Weaver conforms to no standard. Not a lover of them as they can limit scope position to roughly 10mm increments and nothing in between. Some scopes thinner rings have to be used right up to where the zoom is and as little as 1.5mm gap to wheel so cant slide scope in the mounts. Whereas a dovetail you can slide mounts any where and clamp down.
The main marketed advantage of Picatinny was conformity and the need to swap scopes having little zero change. Never had a problem with deep dovetailed in 22 years, used to remove scope between lanes to prove a point, swap and change scopes on a weekly basis last three years no zero change always cock on.
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