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Originally Posted by peterh View Post
Hi there,

In ye olde days, we would mount a scope so high that it would not touch the barrel. To compensate for 'barrel droop", we would use strips of 35mm film to "shim" the scope on the rear mount so that you would have the scope more or less in the optical center.

We never realised that setting a scope up like that would give you a lot of clicks in the part of the trajectory where it would really count.

Today, I see Field Target people mounting their scopes on riser rails, which mount atop the standard dovetail on the rifle. I assume that these have some droop built in to enable you to be able to mount the scope in the optical centre. If I understand this correctly, the main advantage would be that this enables you to have less clicks in the 40-55 yards part of the trajectory... which would be a distinct advantage.

But trying to find such a setup and knowing whether I found the right one makes me feel a lot like trying to work on 2010 brake levers/gear shifters for racing bikes when all I knew was 1976 Campagnolo non-indexed gear shifters on the down tube... in other words, I'm stupid.

My questions are:
1. what is the correct phrase to look for when looking for such a riser rail? I see 'picatinny rail' mentioned, but does a picatinny rail allow the use of standard 11mm dovetail mounts? Or do I need a different rail... or do I need to dump my mounts and get different ones? It seems to be the latter...

2. are there specific rails for specific rifles? If so, what would I need for an Air Arms 100 or for an EV2?

Thanks for enlightening a stoopit forrinner!

AJP Engineering will make pretty mutch any rail for any gun, He is knobman on here, He will ask what mounts you use, so he can machine the top part of the rail for a correct fit....
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