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Originally Posted by springboy View Post
I think the Pro target is a far superior rifle to the EV2,not just because i've got one i just think they're a better rifle all round.
You may well be right.

But there are two reasons for me to not get one:
1. I've already owned one. Getting to know something new would be fun (and it is not as if I hope to win anything important with it, ha!)

but more importantly:
2: two words:
south pawed

Okay, not exactly south pawed... more like left eyed. My left eye is so dominant that not funny anymore. The visus in my left eye is almost twice of that in my right eye... (and yes, if I close my left eye, I can still read the typos in this post). If I would look through the scope with my right eye and keep my left eye open, I probably wouldn't notice the front cap being closed, so much does my brain favour the left eye input.
Okay, 'I'm exaggerating. But I find it hard, and tiring, to rangefind with my right eye, so it's a no-brainer really.

And, as many righthanded shooters may not be aware of, and many lefthanded shooters can confirm:
IF you can find a good lefthanded secondhand item, SNAP IT UP. It may be the only chance you get in a couple years. Finding a lefthanded rifle that is also decent and somewhat sorted is like looking for a needle in a righthanded haystack.

Also the people at my club that have EV's have to clean their barrels evry 100 or so shots otherwise they spit pellets all over the place.
Yup, I had read about that (in the infamous How to miss... thread), but thanks for bringing it up again!
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