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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
No. Scope was out a turn. That I know.
Perhaps by chance something will turn up on that In the background?.
I shall have to wait and See.

Barrel may also have had some sort of knock as yesterday it was touching filler cap.
Shot without filler cap today and things were ok.
Thaught red course was harder than black due to gusts of wind. Some steep angles but nothing really hard.
Easy 2-4 course again if you shot well. I did not! Never really had full confidence in any shot due to issues but plodded on.
Missed 37 + 40m that busted. Bad luck.
Missed 40m kneeler and 25m kneeler due to the stupid rule change.
Missed 20 m Stander 25ml. Poor shot on Datk shot up red plate.
Missed 49m sitter through bad shot and 25ml at 32m for wind.

Finished third placed Welsh shooter today.
After setting acids zero this morning he hit a 36 which I think was 5th place Welsh. Though he don't count even though the shirt fits him and Not me!

Not bothered about tomorrow and don't think I will shoot.
Would rather spend some time assessing damage to barrel and then flit between courses to See who wins.
Keep your chins up At least you can get ****** tonight...
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