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Originally Posted by paul4be View Post
Is this for what will effectively be a spare rifle then?

I think that you've written off the AR20 unfairly, but up to you. What about a decent Pro Target? As accurate as anything else out there. More than a match for an EV2 and a lump cheaper.
I think the Pro target is a far superior rifle to the EV2,not just because i've got one i just think they're a better rifle all round.Mine is about 12 years old,never misses a beat,very accurate not at all pellet fussy either.I've tried EV's and found them a bit lively when shot.My PT is quite dead when i shoot it.I think the PT is probably the best FT rifle Air Arms ever produced.In the Mk3 guise they got it just right.Great reg floating barrel,great trigger etc,then they brought out the EV which was a lovely rifle but flawed with little niggles that the owners were left to sort out themselves.If you look about you can pick a good one up for about 400-450 sometimes even around the 350 mark.But if you do go for an EV like said before make sure its been sorted first,it'll save you heaps of trouble.Also the people at my club that have EV's have to clean their barrels evry 100 or so shots otherwise they spit pellets all over the place.I cleaned my barrel for the first time in 18 months the other week and there were hardly any lead build up in the barrel.
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