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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Day one black course.
Seemed a lot of mini kills both on sitters and standers kneekers .
Missed a 25ml Stander At 15 m. Poor shot.
Despite as Gilly correctly describes the course as extreme ft I coped with over inflated bean bag and very steep shots.
Missed a 42m full kill when I went down the throat. Chrono check spot on 240m/s but the it went let tong.
30m full kill. Pellet suddenly shifted 3-4 inch left. Thaught I may have hit twig so drilled 25ml Reducer and ended up 2 inch left.
Struggled for a few lanes guessing windage. Hit long one 50m 2 inch off plate !!!!
Missed easy targets though so when we got to a double 25ml Stander lane I threw the targets to re zero. Guessed +16 clicks (1/4) and it was spot on it seemed. May have been about 2 clicks to many?
Hit some missed a couple with head Not sure but in the end dug in and held 37 which although Crap was ok it seems.
I was bemused to See I was still 4th Welsh shooter. Think in team we are 5th?
Managed to re zero after shoot and noticed stripper touching filler cap. So what ever happened yesterday may be related to a now drooping barrel!!
See what zero check produces and shoot with no filler cap tomorrow .

Wftf rules on kneekers changed so you can't use bag to keep knee clean. I had to sit on bagthough sell in kneeling position which was huge advantage to me. Silly rule changed and no communication.

We on red tomorrow and been told Its easiest course. Just hope gun lasts.
Working rig today and I would have been 2 - 4?
Easy with no wind but extreme in angles. Think we had five x 15ml today??

Gadget disaster today on 24. Keeping him away from trees and sharp things.

Connor to win!!!!
I would have took the rail and scope off to check barrel screws are tightened up have just had it serviced.....
Costello to win...?
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