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Default Scope Set Up.

I've got my scope properly set up (without the riser blocks)
Side wheel ranged in at 50 mag from 7yds right out to 55yds - every yard out to 25 yds. And I virtually completed my top turret 'click check sheet' from 7yds up to 40 yds. Unfortunately, at that point the Mk3 died.
Wouldn't fire - totally unresponsive. I now have it on charge until the morning, hoping it is nothing more than the batteries were not fully charged up when the gun was delivered back to me. I assumed that they would be, given that the cylinder had 230bar of compressed air in, which it shouldn't have for delivery.
We shall see. If all is well in the morning, I'll proceed with the prep/set-up work, out to 55yds, that I started today. If all is not well the Mk3 goes back to Daystate on Monday.

I'm very pleased with the scope. It does all, & more, than I expected of it.
Only at 7 & 8 yds is it necessary to reduce the mag from 50 to 20, to rangefind.

Had it not been for the demise of the Mk3, I would have considered today to have been immensely profitable.
It may yet prove to have been so; if the charge-up of the batteries resolves the problem.
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