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Originally Posted by Lavant_Lad View Post
The AR20 is a little crude, but it will do the job, and the balance can be sorted, dont dismiss because of one persons opinion.
There were a few people who had opinions, some were negative.
But the "one people" you mean came with verifiable facts rather than an opinion.
While I will verify this (if only out of curiosity), I know Jon, and I also know that he's got more knowledge than most of us on all things engineering. I have on occasion not listened to him in the past, and it *has* bitten me a few times.

General observations:

If I understood Jon correctly, it's not "just the cover" - it is the action itself that is cast, and has the vertical splits. I am not sure if a comparatively flimsy picatinny rail can remedy this.

There are reports of the POI being impacted by stress in front of the hamster. If this were the case, that would interfere with me using a rifle sling for standers... I tend to really pull myself into the sling.

A guy in a local club has a leaking reg - leaking as in "empty in ten minutes". Sure, can happen, with any gun. Unfortunately, he is now waiting for two months to get it resolved... and this is on the Continent, around the corner from Walther...

The EV2 is a known quantity. There is a wealth of knowledge on this gun, and there are very many people who can service it. This cannot be said of the AR20.

I'm sure that, for each argument I can come up with, others will have countering arguments.
But it is here when I come to my fundamental point: a rifle that you don't trust will never get a fair chance from your brain. Miss two shots in a row with a rifle that is a dark horse and you start doubting the gun, and you'll start worrying - which will make your shooting go to pot. The situation would probably be different if there wouldn't have been so many people who got one and parted with it within a few years... as I said, the number of people who said "I had one and it was very accurate" is worrying.
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