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[QUOTE=paul4be;135024]Is this for what will effectively be a spare rifle then?[quote]

Nope. It would just be the rifle that I would not like most of all, but which may turn out to be the most reliable one.

I think that you've written off the AR20 unfairly, but up to you. What about a decent Pro Target? As accurate as anything else out there. More than a match for an EV2 and a lump cheaper.
The AR20 is very much an unknown quantity. There are many people who said they *had* one, which tends to make me suspicious for a rifle that's only been on the market for... what? three years?

The Pro Target is a rifle I already had. While it was a good rifle, it had its problems. Which could be sorted, but it still had. My reasons for not getting one are:
1. I've already had one. Another one would be more boring than getting to know one I haven't had yet.
2. less importantly: I shoot cackhanded. This limits me to "any rifle I can get", really... and I found a lefthanded EV2. If I would've found a lefthanded Walther, I would've been game too.
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