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Default peter is conflicted - ev2 yes or no?

After discounting the Hämmerli AR20 FT, reading Jon's explanation of the way in which the action is hacked together, I started thinking. (I hear you cry)

I have this FrankenRifle, which currently seems to serve me well. But it IS 23 years old, and not many people want to service it.
I also liked the idea of getting the Hämmerli as a backup, should the NJR100 start to act up. But I've now been warned sufficiently, for which I thank you guys.

So I started thinking, which other more recent rifle makes my blood move?
Can't think of anything... plus, funds are available but not to the tune of a brand new Steyr.

Plus there is another limitation: I shoot lefthanded. Not because I *am* lefthanded (I'd hate to have to cock a lefthanded rifle) but because I am left-eyed. Lefthanded rifles are hard to get by, and some mfg's just can't be bothered.

So, at some point, I just started searching and calling around for left handed FT rifles... and I hit upon a lefthanded EV2 Mk4.

While the EV2 doesn't make my heart skip any beats, from what I read, it *is* a solid piece of work, on a good chassis and with a good barrel.

Crud, I keep changing my mind...

Would I like it as much as I would my NJR? No, I think not.

Would it give me piece of mind to have it, in case the NJR would start to act up (which it has done in the past)?
I am almost certain that yes, it WOULD.

Would I shoot this rifle in a match of which the outcome would matter to me? I think I would. Simon has already told me that the EV2 is a lot easier to shoot than the NJR.

Do I shoot any matches of which the outcome matters to me? Well... currently not, because I am re-learning shooting anyway.

OK, so let's suppose I am actually after a good FT rifle in a lefthanded stock (the cocking lever of this one is still on the right, which suits me just fine), and let's suppose the EV2 is a good FT rifle.

Do I want a Mk4?
Would 700 quid be a fair price, considering it is in pristine condition? I'm thinking yes.
Is there anything I need to watch out for?

The Filthy Pig: Air Arms 100 (1990) + AA Olympic trigger + Welham reg + Custom Shop CS1000 stock. Status: leaking.
The Unknown Quantity: AA EV2 Mk4. + BSA Platinum 10-50x60 + Jon Harris wheel. Status: sorted up to 25 yds.
The Limping Dog: Air Arms Shamal (1989) + unknown origin sporter stock + Optisan Cobra 3-9x42. Status: slowly leaking; needs work.
The Ox: HW97k + Venom Lazaglide. Status: working just fine; needs scope.
with apologies to NJR100

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