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Default Setting up

Originally Posted by Strokebloke View Post
I went to the indoor 25yd range this evening and, following this afternoon's outdoor puerile attempt to determine where the pellets were going, I found the first pellet to be 4" low and 3" to the right.
I adjusted the windage turret, over 3 shots, until it was in the correct vertical plane, then tweaked the adjustable rear mount, having slackened the front mount until, over possibly 4 shots, I was able to place shots consistently on the bull.
However, when I checked, I found that the windage turret was at the extreme of its travel.
So I have just rotated the front riser block: and whilst doing so, and resetting the turret to its centre, found that it wasn't at its centre position when it left the factor; as it should have been. Only by a 1/4 of a revolution, but ...

We'll see what the outcome is on the indoor 40yds range tomorrow.
I hope to get it set up to be able to attempt a competitive shoot at Sywell on Sunday.
Ranged and elevation turret clicks all recorded.
When setting up try to use a big cardboard box ( not shot at ) makes life so much easier . or if not , get the left and right by shooting at the grass close in . ??? HOLLY
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