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Originally Posted by Jon View Post
Crudes an understatement akin to the likes of Benjamin and Crossman.
The actions a casting and split open vertically through rear dovetail, first thing I clocked years ago. Even worse its split at front dovetail vertically just above the monstrously heavy reg where you feed pellets in so free to move laterally dependant upon temp.
They are accurate while on song if it wasn't for the casting they could be made in to a decent cost effective modular rifle.
You know what? Thanks for this bit of insight.

This post, and the verifiable technical arguments in it, is the first to make me wary. I don't mind about the monstrously heavy reg... it's still a lot less heavy than the FrankenRifle. But the vertical split, and the implications that I can imagine after your explanation, worries me. I can see how, potentially, this would cause substantial problems.

I've heard as many claims that it is frighteningly accurate as I've heard claims that it is not. But what your post does is lay bare an essential flaw.

It looks like that's not something that can be remedied with a straightforward modification. You would basically have to come up with a complete new (machined) action to fix that... am I rite?
Is a good action machined from one piece rather than cast?

Thinking about this changes my idea about the character of the rifle. If this would be true, then this is not a purposely-designed rifle on a shoestring, it would be a fundamentally-flawed rifle on a shoestring.

If I would take the scientific approach, I would go ahead, get one, and verify your claims. But my bank account doesn't do that sort of science, so I'd probably be better off to trust your judgement (for which I am, again, grateful).

Which doesn't mean I'm going to buy an EV2 all of a sudden. I'd just buy nothing. And not just because the EV2 doesn't make my blood boil, but also because asking for a lefthanded EV2 is like asking for the winning lottery ticket.
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