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Crudes an understatement akin to the likes of Benjamin and Crossman.
The actions a casting and split open vertically through rear dovetail, first thing I clocked years ago. Even worse its split at front dovetail vertically just above the monstrously heavy reg where you feed pellets in so free to move laterally dependant upon temp.
I have never ever heard anyone that hasn't had zero shift but can be cured. Some have reported unscrewing cylinder to top up, zero way out when put back on. Others cant fix anything to forend T slot without shift because it pushes on the barrel.
No doubt most of its made in some third world country some of it finished off at factory and assembled.

Everything about them is cheaply made ie brass for the regs equals quicker to machine but at a weight cost.

Tried a Walther and Tesro cylinder off LG wont fit theyre a smaller thread on to reg, Hammerli is M10X1.5 heavy brass end plugs.

Need to spend a lot of time sorting and live with that naff cocking, something I couldn't bare more than two shots.
They are accurate while on song if it wasn't for the casting they could be made in to a decent cost effective modular rifle.
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