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Originally Posted by Strokebloke View Post
The scope is amazing.
It ranges easily and very effectively from 10yds to 55yds. It may range down to 8yds, but I haven't tried that yet. There is no loss in focus upon an object between 50 mag and 10 mag, or at any mag in between either.
I appreciate that you old hands will take it for granted, but I'm amazed at the detail and accuracy at 50 mag when it snaps into focus. And it does snap in. One moment it's slightly blurred; then with hardly any movement, it is tack sharp: and then with hardly any further movement, it is out of focus again. I would suspect that it is perfectly possible to shoot everything at 20 mag.
It's amazing when you come across this behaviour for the first time, isn't it? I remember that we (me missus and I) stepped up from decent 8-21x50 scopes to the Big BSA's we had bought (the Mk1 10-50x60), and the *click*-sharp effect was immediately noticeable.
I spent at least 15 minutes just turning the sidewheel while looking over our lawn, and seeing how a very narrow band of sharpness was moving back and forth.

For some reason, this scope rangefinds just as well on 25x mag as it does on 50x. I suspect that this has to do with the rendition of out-of-focus objects. In photography, a smooth transition from sharp to unsharp, and a very 'gentle' rendition of the unsharp areas is highly desirable... this is precisely the reason why Leitz and Minolta lenses were held in high regard, and Nikon lenses were hated.
In other applications, this same behaviour is undesirable... and rangefinding is one of them. I think that, whoever came up with the optical formula of the BSA/Nikko/Falcon (essentially all the same) had it cracked.

What is distressingly clear is that with the scope at 50 mag I am going to have to start again in terms of controlling my breathing/stability/composure. Sitting on Barry's cushion and focusing on an object 15yds away, demonstrated how much movement is seen at 50 mag. I've had about 5 weeks without shooting the Mk3, and what little I had gained has oozed away I think.
I think I may have to commence from a mind-set of 'starting all over again'.
Learning to shoot at higher mags actually improves your ability to control your aimpoint. In FT, to properly aim, you rarely need anything over 25x mag, but there is something to be said for aiming at a 15mm reducer on 50x magnification. When you learn to control your aimpoint, these reducers suddenly get to be a lot larger. Not that it helps if you're shooting in a decent west coast wind, but still

Looks like you're in for a lot of fun in the weeks to come!
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