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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
just get her marked up and enjoy.
Thanks Rob. You can blind me with science sometime after the Worlds.

Originally Posted by Neil-T View Post
With the BKLs mounted straight onto the rifle, the scope was zeroed at 30 yds which is still on zero from 19-32tds.
Originally Posted by aitchuk View Post
Jack if you use a 30yd zero all your clicks will be positive that is dialing up
30 and 20 yds will be on your zero with 25 about half a pellet high
using 30yds means you are less prone to miss diali as on 35 you would have to dial down
then it is easy to forget if you get distracted

good luck in the winter league
Sounds like 30yds is the way to go. I'll stick with that. Thanks.
Q : Does the POI change if you shoot on different magnifications ? If I zero on say 20 mag, then shoot a close target on 10 mag will I have to make allowance for the reduction in magnification ?

Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
I don't want to put you off jack, But the mfta winter league course's will be as tough as a gp course, Just 40 shots though and more wind...
You won't put me off Ellis. I'm hooked now. And I enjoyed the GP's I've shot - just didn't hit many, that's all.
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