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Originally Posted by Strokebloke View Post
I've used Sportsmatch ATP61 adjustable mounts. Suggested by Rob & several others.

Since the first occasion when I positioned a scope on a pair of mounts, I've had reservations about fitting film neg (or any other packing material) between the scope tube and the rear mount. This way I have no possibility of distorting the tube. I know that packing with film neg is a common practice, it just appears to me to be a potential for distortion of a relatively flimsy aluminium tube.

I am unsure what to zero my scope at.
Originally I zeroed at 25yds, primarily because I have access to the 25yd indoor range at Sywell. So if I need to check my zero, in ideal conditions, I can easily do so.

Any thoughts about zeroing at 30 -35 -40yds would be appreciated.
I do understand that the further out you zero, the more clicks are required to get onto the closer targets.
And initially, I will be shooting Winter League, where not every target will be 50-55yds al a GP's

I don't want to put you off jack, But the mfta winter league course's will be as tough as a gp course, Just 40 shots though and more wind...
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