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Originally Posted by Neil-T View Post
Hi Jack. I put my T50 on the GML S200 yesterday, and zeroed it at 30yds.

Taking the scope out of the box I was impressed by the extras that come with it. I will just say at this point that I am used to shooting with scopes 3 times the price of the T50, mainly Leupold Competion series, I do have a Big Nikko and BSA big 60 as well.

I mounted the scope on the 200 using BKL silver single strap mounts with 3 pieces of film negative under the rear mount. I fitted the large top turret and covered it with tape so can place my corresponding ranges on it. I also fitted a sidewheel pointer and turret pointer. After marking the wheel and turret with 30yd numbers I moved in to 15tds. I will say at this point that first impressions are, that its not the best made scope in the world, and the quality and finish is not the best, but the optical quality for a scope of this price is more than adequate. I opted to parallax on 45 mag as the clarity was a lot better than 50. Before I decided to do this I checked the parallax at various magnifications down to 25 and the 30yd mark came in at all mags from 50 to 25.

At 15 yds I could pick out paper fibres on my zero board, so very happy with the clarity and contrast. I proceeded to put all distances from 10-35yds. First impressions are good. I will add the longer ranges on Saturday or Sunday and put it through its paces on a 30 shot FT course.

I will report back after that. Neil.
I've used Sportsmatch ATP61 adjustable mounts. Suggested by Rob & several others.

Since the first occasion when I positioned a scope on a pair of mounts, I've had reservations about fitting film neg (or any other packing material) between the scope tube and the rear mount. This way I have no possibility of distorting the tube. I know that packing with film neg is a common practice, it just appears to me to be a potential for distortion of a relatively flimsy aluminium tube.

I am unsure what to zero my scope at.
Originally I zeroed at 25yds, primarily because I have access to the 25yd indoor range at Sywell. So if I need to check my zero, in ideal conditions, I can easily do so.

Any thoughts about zeroing at 30 -35 -40yds would be appreciated.
I do understand that the further out you zero, the more clicks are required to get onto the closer targets.
And initially, I will be shooting Winter League, where not every target will be 50-55yds al a GP's

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