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Talking Here We Go

The Mk 3 arrived soon after lunchtime. It definitely has one new battery, though the 2nd one looks decidedly manky. New soldering to both where they are connected to the PCB, so I can only assume 2 new batteries. I may get my electronics engineering friend to tell me whether he is able to assess the condition of both.
In the Daystate parcel was a tick-box-card, stating what had been done. Seemed very little for a significant amount of money paid for the privilege. We'll see. If it works well without hiccough, I'll be satisfied.

Anyway - to business.
The T50 scope is now installed on the Mk3. I had marked the position of the ocular end of the old scope on the cheekpiece with a strip of black masking tape. So I had some idea of where the T50 eyepiece ought to be.
I didn't rush. I suppose it took me a couple of hours to completely rebuild and set up, from getting everything out of their respective boxes.

The scope is amazing.
It ranges easily and very effectively from 10yds to 55yds. It may range down to 8yds, but I haven't tried that yet. There is no loss in focus upon an object between 50 mag and 10 mag, or at any mag in between either.
I appreciate that you old hands will take it for granted, but I'm amazed at the detail and accuracy at 50 mag when it snaps into focus. And it does snap in. One moment it's slightly blurred; then with hardly any movement, it is tack sharp: and then with hardly any further movement, it is out of focus again. I would suspect that it is perfectly possible to shoot everything at 20 mag.
The only downside I have encountered so far (& I was forewarned that this was the case) is that the crenelated mag ring is tapered, so it is unsuitable to accept a coaster to facilitate rotation. I've been led to believe that S/S ones are available, which will fit. So I'll have to source one of those shortly.

I haven't zeroed or marked the side-wheel yet. And I haven't fired the Mk3 yet either. I won't do so until I have zeroed the scope, and have some idea of where the pellet may go to.
I've fitted the large top turret but haven't marked clicks on it either.

What is distressingly clear is that with the scope at 50 mag I am going to have to start again in terms of controlling my breathing/stability/composure. Sitting on Barry's cushion and focusing on an object 15yds away, demonstrated how much movement is seen at 50 mag. I've had about 5 weeks without shooting the Mk3, and what little I had gained has oozed away I think.
I think I may have to commence from a mind-set of 'starting all over again'.

I'll carry on with this when I have zeroed etc
It's almost like having a new camera to play with. Not quite. But still a lot of fun.
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